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Have you ever wondered how these influencers and bloggers on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok do their makeup on camera with such ease? Do you want to know how to do your makeup professionally like them? Do you have a makeup bag that is full of beauty products but you have no idea how to use them?

You are not alone!

Buckle your seat belt, because we're about to go on a long journey for makeup beginners.

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maquillage pour débutants

What are the essential beauty products for beginners?

If you are a makeup novice, you first need to know which beauty products you should use. So my darlings, I am going to introduce you to the most essential beauty products.

Products from Complexion Primers For Beginners


First of all, I'm sure the first one will be your best friend. I really like this product, it is very light and useful. Look, my dear, I know there are a lot of girls who hate the feeling of diapers, but I swear to you that when it is smoothed over your skin, it blurs, hides and evens out your skin texture, your large pores and your freckles.


This product is used all over the face to create a unified base for the rest of your makeup.The most important step in choosing your darling foundation is to carefully and precisely choose the right color for your skin.

Complexion corrector:

Concealer is not much different from foundation, but it is lighter and gentler on the delicate eye area. It helps add an extra layer of coverage over dark spots, pimples, scars, or anywhere else you want to cover more.

fond de teint


Thanks to the use of a highlighter, you will obtain an astonishing shine effect, a distinct touch and radiance. It highlights the high points of your face and protects the reflection of bright imperfections on the face.


People always wonder about the importance of contouring, I'll explain. When you apply any type of BB cream, your face immediately becomes flat because all the dimensions of your face have been removed, so you need to warm up and add contour to your face.

Blush and Bronzer:

Shine, darling, shine, blush can warm up fair, cool-toned skin. It can also brighten dull or tired skin. On the other hand, bronzer creates a natural, sun-kissed glow by accentuating and enhancing your cheekbones.

fond de teint

Setting powder:

While setting powder helps set makeup and keep it in place, it can also help even out and blend everything together.

Let's move on to another part, It's all about the eye...

Products ofes Eyes For Beginners

Eye shadow primer:

Just like the face primer, except it has a lightweight formula that is suitable for eye skin. It allows eye makeup to stay in place all day and makes it look more natural.

Eye shadow:

Eye shadow is a powder that you apply to your eyelids to highlight your eyes. Since there are light and dark colors, it is also considered one of the easiest cosmetic products for beginners to apply.

produits de beauté


This product is used to define the eyes and give them a more attractive and aesthetic shape. It can also be painted in many ways, depending on the shape of the eye. And those who are new to makeup find it difficult to apply it correctly.


It is used to define, enhance and give the appearance of fuller, longer eyelashes. Since it always manages to change the shape of the eye, I think makeup beginners will really like it.

To make it easier for you to access the world of lip products, follow me…

maquillage pour débutants

Products from Lip Foundations For Beginners

Lip primer:

Like any foundation applied before putting on our products, we also apply it to the lips to keep lip products in place. But know, dear novice, that it is not as important, except that you will sometimes need it.

Lip pencil:

It improves the shape of the lips and gives them a larger and attractive shape. It is always applied to define the lips before applying your favorite lipstick.


Just choose your favorite color and put it on your lips. I'll tell you how to do it, dear beginner.

Read on to find out all the information you need to apply makeup. I'm sure you'll go from beginner to professional in no time.   

maquillage pour débutants

How to apply makeup, step by step for beginners

My novices in the world of makeup, after knowing each product, let's start the journey of how to apply it correctly and easily.Buckle up, let's discover together how to perfect your makeup style and the tips that will help you achieve a flawless finish. Ready?

1st step: Prepare your skin

First of all, I'll give you some advice, my dear, that if this is what we're going to do to your face, whether it's a mask, a scrub, or you're going to make-up, you must clean your skin well, it must be free of any impurities. Use the cleanser suitable for your skin and clean it well to be ready for the next step!

Second, whatever your skin type, stay hydrated. My dear, never neglect hydrating the skin before applying makeup, it is an essential step. Five minutes before starting makeup, apply your crème moisturizer. It should be a light cream that absorbs quickly.

2nd step: The primer

To ensure the success of your makeup, choose a primer light and suited to your skin. If you use a heavy version you will create a ball or small pills. Apply the transparent cream to your entire face, focusing on the forehead, cheeks and chin.

produits de beauté

3rd step: Foundation and concealer

Now that your skin is ready for makeup. The next step is to make the foundation, then conceal the imperfections. Apply a few drops of foundation to the T-zone, then blend it with a foundation brush, which is a great choice for beginners, a sponge, or even your fingers like the pros do.

You are now ready to move on to the next step, namely the application of the corrector. Focus on areas you want to hide flaws, such as under the eyes, around the nostrils, and any blemishes or dark spots. Gently blend with your finger, the concealer brush or the sponge.

4th step: Setting powder

This is a quick and easy step, with a simple brush sweep across your face to ensure your makeup doesn't move during the application process. Here too, focus on the T zone.

5th step: Contouring And Highlighting

This step is the most complicated for beginners, but I will explain it to you very simply. Find your cheekbones by sucking in your cheeks, then applying contouring along the hollows of your cheeks. You can place your shadow on either side of your nose; a “3” follows your hairline, under your cheekbone, and your jaw line.


As for the lights, apply highlighting to the areas of your face that naturally reflect light: under the jaw, on the sides of the cheeks and around the forehead, as you would for contouring.

6th step: Tan and blush.

Make sure the shade of bronzer you choose is only one or two shades darker than your skin tone. Using a brush, blend the bronzer around the base of your hair, across your cheekbones and along your jawline. Then merge with circular movements and place a simple touch on your nose.

Suck your cheek until the apple of your cheeks appears as an outline and apply your favorite color of blush .

7th step: Eye makeup.

Always start by using a primer on the eyelid, you can apply it with your fingers or a brush, then you can apply the eye shadow base or concealer which helps the eye shadow to adhere better to the skin.

For beginners, you only need 3 shades: a medium matte shade, a contour shade 2-3 shades darker than leather, and a matte black shade.

When you're finished, use the same color and mark the arch of your eyebrows. Add kohl for better eye definition.

Finally, the mascara. use a mascara protector to prevent it from touching the face.

8th step: Lip products

Start by wet your lips, then use your lip pencil to define the contours of your mouth. And if you want your lips to look bigger, you can also outline them. And finally, put on your favorite color of lipstick.

produits de beauté

Don't worry about being a makeup beginner, the experts were too! All you have to do is try a lot and many times until you know the secrets of makeup for yourself.Try each step for yourself and watch the “How to Apply Makeup” videos on YouTube, it’s really helpful and fun.

And if you don't know where to get your own makeup or the tools, you can check out the GT website, this can help you.


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