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Fringes are the first thing you notice when you change them. Yes, everyone notices them if you get new bangs or change your appearance. I consider bangs to give an attractive, bold and cute look, but if you want to have a very successful look, you need to be careful while choosing your bangs.

There are many types of bangs for different face shapes. And if you still can't decide what it should look like. keep reading this article and I promise you will be satisfied with what you have read.

Before knowing what suits you or not, let's first find out the types of bangs and their names.

meilleure frange

What are the types of fringes?

Keep scrolling through the different bang hairstyles and choose your favorite…

#1 Classic Fringe

Time passes and fashion is renewed every moment, but these classic straight bangs remain at the forefront and in trend. To be in wonderful feminine shape, trim these bangs directly above your eyebrows, but you need to take care of them and trim the ends every few weeks.

#2 Curly Bangs

Whatever your hair type, there is always a fringe that suits it. But with curly hair, you need to take more care of it and use the right products to give yourself a modern and cool look. Even a few shorter curls that hit below the eyebrows can make a noticeable difference in your overall hair style.

#3 Wavy Bangs

Wavy bangs will never fail to bring you peace of mind and make you feel like yourself. If your hair is wavy, after showering, let it dry naturally.

meilleure frange#4 Fringe Mic

Short, small and fine, starting from the middle of the forehead, this fringe must be daring. Also, if your features are small and cute, it will suit you perfectly.

#5 Braided Fringe

Especially among African women, braided bangs give a very attractive African look. Whether short or long, it has rings that make you more flirtatious and fashionable.

#6 Shaggy Bangs

If you want effortless bangs, this is for you. A zigzag haircut is a hairstyle that has been styled at different lengths.

#7 Clip-on Bangs

Quelle frange me convient

Don't want to cut your hair? You're not ready to take any risks with them? Then you are in the right place! This bang will be the perfect choice for you.

The hair clip in bangs attaches securely with 3 pressure-sensitive clips, which is easy to use, lightweight and safe.

#8 Fringe Taper

This fringe gives a larger, denser and thicker volume. It was trendy in the 90s, but it is still in style and gives freedom to your hair.

#9 Fringe Long on the Side

If you have long hair and don't like to lose it, I think this bangs will be your first and last choice. It is long, smooth and layered, but sits on the sides of the forehead and does not completely cover your eyes like a blackout curtain.

#10 Baby bangs

forme de votre visage

If you are one of those who have a small face and cute, petite features, I recommend this little bangs. It is so small and short that it sits just above the eyebrow. Of course, you will have to take care of it constantly and trim the ends, but it's beautiful and worth it.

#11 Colored Fringe

Completely transformed, very fashionable, attractive and daring. Choose your favorite color and embark on this adventure to feel rejuvenated, as it will take time to regain your natural color.

#12 Fringe Birkin

Jane Birkin is the key to achieving this look. It's a long fringe, not too straight but a little frayed and just above the eyelid.

#13 Fringe A-shaped

This fringe has tapered ends and falls on the cheeks, it likes to have soft hair to give you an elegant look. It is also the most used in formal highlights. This fringe draws all the attention to your eyes, it is charming.

#14 Crescent fringe

forme de votre visage

This fringe is wide at the top and ends in a point on the chin, longer on the outer edges and a little shorter in the middle.

#15 Medium Fringe

The medium bangs look slightly longer than the small ones but should not reach your eyebrows. It is very suitable for wavy and curly hair, and its appearance is natural and gives a touch of freedom.

After knowing the types of bangs and their description, I will quickly mention the face shapes and then we will mention each face shape and the bangs that suit it.

The 5 face shapes

  1. The square face
  2. The oval face
  3. The round face
  4. The triangular face
  5. The heart face

frange sur le côté

Do you have bangs? Smooth or lateral? long or short? . No matter your hair type or face shape, we will tell you what suits you, don't worry!

Go ahead…

The best bangs for all face shapes

Every face has its own beauty, and every bang has its own charm, but not every bang suits every face. Now we are going to tell you which is the best bangs for your face and which one will highlight your beauty and features.

The best bangs for round faces

Side bangs: The round face is characterized by its short length, wide cheekbones and a rounded jaw line, so we agree that that the best bangs for a round face are side bangs. This fringe is soft around the edges and is often wider on the cheeks. Because this fringe gives a more elongated appearance to the face, thus making the face appear more prominent and tending to be more oval.

Mic Bangs: But Micro bangs also give length to round face and a wonderful and perfect look.

The best bangs for square faces

frange sur le côté

A-shaped bangs: A square shaped face forehead, cheekbones and jawline are the same width and the best for square face shapes is the A-shaped bangs. HAS. They tend to be wider around the cheeks and more angular, especially around the jawline. This fringe draws all the attention to your eye, it highlights it a lot because it smoothes the jaw line.

Long side bangs: They give a great look and balance the corners of the face and are best suited for those with wavy hair.

The best bangs for heart-shaped faces

Crescent bangs: The heart face is similar to a square face, except for the wide cheekbones and pointed chin, and the opening croissant is the best option for him. Crescent bangs give the necessary balance to this face shape and your best bet is a look that draws the eye towards the center of your face.

The best bangs for oval faces

Side bangs : If you have an oval face, and perfectly balanced features that taper at the chin, you're in luck. Since it has always been considered the ideal face shape. Most bangs suit her, but the best one is the side bangs.

Fringe for a small forehead

Short bangs : Small foreheads also have bangs to match them. Short bangs are an ideal option that gives you a cute look and is also bold by reversing your features {clins d'œil}.

frange sur le côté

Best bangs for a long face

Long Bangs : A long or rectangular face is essentially an oval face with elongated features, so it needs long bangs in order to achieve a balanced face.

Clip-in Bangs : People with long faces are used to flaunting the hairstyle they like because They don't like cutting it at all, so if you just want to change your look for a while without losing a single hair, this is the perfect solution!

Now that we know everything, I want to give you some tips to always stay in your best shape…

Tips to save your bangs

  • 1st, constant maintenance to keep it looking lively and fresh.
  • 2nd, don't let it take too long and cut and trim it.
  • 3rd, when you wash it, don't leave it on your face.
  • 4th, wash it frequently to keep it clean so that oils don't build up on your skin.
  • 5th, take care of it every morning and dry it with a circular brush immediately after showering.

I want to say that, of course, everything in this list is just a suggestion. If you have another look that you like, that suits you and that you feel comfortable in, you can go beyond my words and you can also experiment out of curiosity. Above all, it's about self-confidence, self-love and the constant curiosity of women to try new and beautiful things.

I also recommend you take a look at article which has the most wigs and how to to choose and their types!

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